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SOLUTIONS: RF Rotary Joints
Radio frequency, microwave, and optical wave are all electromagnetic waves. They travel in different media. We have collected the names of a few vendors who offer RF rotary joints. If it is necessary to combine a RF rotary joint with a fiber optic rotary joint, in general one will need to identify a RF rotary joint with center bore.
RF Rotary Joints Manufacturers
RF rotary joints
Diamond Antenna
RF rotary joints and electrical slip rings
HD Communications
RF rotary joints and wireless/microwave products
Kevlin, a division of Chelton Microwave
RF rotary joints for military, commercial, space and air traffic control applications
Mega Industries, Inc.
RF rotary joints, components, and subsystems
MI Technologies, Inc.
RF rotary joints, components, and systems
Sigmaplus, Inc.
RF rotary joints, components, and subsystem
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