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SERVICES: Slip Ring Repairs and Refurbishments
All slip rings have limited life cycles. Some last as long as 50 million revolutions or more and some much less. In general, small slip rings are not designed to be serviceable. They will need to be replaced at the end of their service lives. Large ones, however, are more likely to be designed with refurbishment in mind. For example, the slip ring housings for some radar applications are made out of cast aluminum and contribute significantly to the overall cost of the product. These along with other reusable components reduce the cost of the refurbishment effort. So it is prudent for the slip rings to be repaired or refurbished at a certain point of their service life span.

Wendon has been engaged in service work on products made by us or other slip ring manufacturers. Sometimes the service involves a design upgrade or the inclusion of a fiber optical rotary joint product.

Our state of the art, vertically integrated manufacturing facility includes a modern machine shop, a spotless, environmentally safe and very efficient plating shop, a qualification and test lab, and a highly skillful design team. The service work of a slip ring does not need to leave our facility before the job is completed and fully tested.

So please make a phone call to find out how we can help you.

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