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The variation of slip ring design is almost unlimited. It is impossible to cover them all with standard offerings. The following are some very common examples of special features:

High altitude: Atmospheric pressure drops to half of its value at sea level when altitude reaches ~5,500 m (18,000 feet). Temperature drops to extremely low levels. So special care needs to be taken into consideration to ensure the operation of bearings, gears, and contacts.

Pressure compensation: When a slip ring is used under water, a passive pressure compensator will be part of the design in order to equalize the inside pressure with the outside to prevent water penetration into the unit. In some cases, a mildly positive pressure is applied to the inside of the slip ring unit by the end user.

Salt water environment: Off shore geophysical activities are surrounded by seawater. So the outside housing of the slip ring, if it is exposed to seawater, should be corrosion resistant. SS316 is the common choice of material. SS303 and 304 with passivation have also been used in less demanding situations.

Complex integration: Wendon Engineering is highly specialized in complex integrations of devices such as encoders, resolvers, RF rotary joints, and fiber optic rotary joints into our slip ring products. If you don't have a preferred vendor for these items, we will be able to offer our suggestions.

Extreme temperature: Operation in the desert, the arctic area, and high altitude can push the temperature extremes far beyond what is considered normal. The extreme figures provided by customers will allow us to select the best design for the intended applications.

Explosion proof: We follow standard industrial guidelines to design slip rings that can be certified as explosion proof.

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