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Quality Policy (2018)-Wendon Engineering is committed to:

Products and services that meet or exceed expectations;
Continual improvement of our QM System, products, and services.

Wendon was established in 1958. Throughout the decades of its development the company has served in important markets such as military, radar systems, aerospace, test, instrumentation, geophysical, mining, machinery, and entertainment. It has built a reputation for being reliable, consistent, and flexible. It is also the place to go for customers who need complex integration of the following key rotary components: Encoder, resolver, RF rotary joint, or fiber optic rotary joint.

The company was acquired by Princetel, Inc. of Hamilton New Jersey in 2016 and will continue its operation as Wendon Engineering. Princetel is one of the major suppliers for fiberoptic rotary joint products. Combining Wendon's decades of expertise in electric slip rings and Princetel's innovative fiber optic products the new operation will be able to serve its existing and new customers with the best hybrid solutions. The company also partners with key players in the RF rotary market such as Diamond and Cobham so the customer can receive the so called "one-stop" services at Wendon.

Wendon Engineering moved its operation from Stamford CT to Hawthorne New York (near White Planes NY) in late 2016. The new modern facility provides the operation the foundation for further growth. Both employee head count and revenue are indeed growing at a healthy rate.

The new Wendon team will continue its decades' tradition as a reliable partner for its customers. The new management also established a much more vertically integrated operation. Both machining and plating will be handled within the Princetel group. Customer will no doubt experience faster turnaround and more consistent quality and consistency.

We welcome our existing and potential customers for a site visit. You will be pleased to witness the process behind the products you have been or will be relying on.

A Tradition of Innovation
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